Inside Passage Wilderness Adventures

Most cruise ship passenger visiting Alaska in the summer will do that on a 3000+ vessel. If you are looking at a more intimate wilderness experience you should check out the wonderful variety of adventures that the Boat Company will show you. With there two vessels, one for maximal 20 guests the other for maximal 24 guests, you will explore from May through September the natural beauty between Juneau and Sitka (or Sitka to Juneau). During the one week voyage, you will cruise only a few hours a day, leaving plenty of time to view wildlife, anchoring in a secluded cove to pursue other activities like shoreline walks, canoeing or kayaking, fishing or glacier viewing.

Boat Company adventures let you explore the wilderness while at the same time ensuring a comfortable stateroom with private bath, meals and snacks prepared fresh each day by a chef, and good wine at dinner.